Song Against Sex - Neutral Milk Hotel
Save my soul from all these troubled times
And all the drugs that I don’t have
The guts to take to soothe my mind

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Anonymous: We couldn't afford to get our first dog put down when I was five, he was really old and had cancer. I feel you mate, stay strong. 

It’s just horrible bc she hasn’t been able to live inside bc of a tick problem and it would seem like she’s a detached part of the family now and it’s all horrible n fucked up

that feeling when your 14 yo dog is dying but you can’t afford to get her put down even when you know she’s probably suffering but there’s just nothing you can do


sunday feeling / august 2014
Anonymous: lighten up 

what did I post that would insinuate that I’m not a bright shining fucking beacon?

Can’t Make A Sound - Elliott Smith
Why should you want any other
When you’re a world within a world?

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bad doodles n good lyrics

Nancy From Now On - Father John Misty
Forgive me how it was
A place under the sun
Before the devil made me run

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Anonymous: Good music, pretty person, and good to chat with <3 

I guess so

Elvis - The Rubens
Don”t hold your breath
There’s loads of time left
Let’s stay young

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